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Yep, you're right, she's Spiral/Robert's/Acid wrapped (take your pick on the name - all apply). You are also right, I do not usually care for such an abomination. Looks like h*ll, to me, anyway. I know, I know, the idea is to relieve wrist and lower arm strain - which might apply when wras'lin' with big bruisers. You might even convince me to give a spiral wrapped stick a try for larger tog - maybe at 17, or something along those lines.

But fluke? FLUKE? Gimme a break - a big fluke might give a few interesting head shakes, and maybe make a minor run or two from a light-dragged reel. And that's about it. In fact I often remind my crew that fluke do their best fighting on the deck of the boat - anyone who's spent any time fluking can confirm that.

So unless there's a specific reason for such a wrap job on a fluke rod - like for instance maybe a bad wrist or something on that order, there's really no reason for a spiral-wrapped fluke rod. Not that I can see.

Anyway, I went with this, my first spiral jobbie, because there really isn't an Asian-type jigger that I have any interest in (or can actually see in the flesh, urr, carbon for that matter), within the price range that these Ghost Hunters sell for. The Trevala S rods are roughly $100 less and the Black Holes around $100 more - given the special show pricing at Somerset. Both of those rod lines are straight-up wrapped, by the way.

So, given the pricing situation and my burgeoning interest in incorporating this type of rod into my fluke fishing exploits, I guess its time that I bite the bullet and give the spiral jammies a try. I don't think it will hurt me. Much, anyway. If'n it does, I'll just hold my setup upside down. There, problem solved!
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