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Hey, I don't have a LOCK on my wallet Couldn't go wrong on that Shimano Tranx 300 WITH the power handle thrown in for $250! That's a $280 reel without the $40-50 handle...Third year in a row I bought a reel from Jigging World where he threw in the power handle. Excellent deal there. Great booth he had. Made the trip worth it putting that reel in the arsenal.

I'd also like to mention my old buddy Dan Riemann, from The Outdoorsman was at the show (Somerset Fishing Expo) and he had an EXCELLENT booth that was astir the entire day too. Couldn't even get near it at one point. Funny how the good vendors get all the action while the guy selling dog leashes is bored out of his mind.

I tell ya Pete, I was REALLY close to grabbing that "Silver Bullet" 150 gram stick we were admiring! Kept picturing my Shimano Curado 50E (painted by Matt Kiel down in San Antonio, Texas) on it and thinking it would make a SWEET combo for jigging the nasty bottom out by you and on my home turf here in Jamaica Bay. No doubt had I not already purchased the Tranx reel, that rod would have came home with us!!

The other item I was strongly considering were the ultra lightweight white Grunden's bib pants. Been wanting a pair for a while now and at $80, I was close to getting them too. Perfect skins for those late May-early June bass/fluke trips that start out cold and end up warm. My ONLY concern with those skins is keeping them clean could be a real chore...That is certainly one of my pet peeves...Dirty fishing gear!!

Late lunch/early dinner at Gino's afterwards put the icing on the cake yesterday. WOW, DELIZIOSO! Can't beat that place for quality food at an affordable price! So glad they're in MY neighborhood!

Great times with my good fishing buddies makes even the shitty days of winter a pleasure. Let's do it again next year
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